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About Needlepoint Farm

Needlepoint Farm starts in the heart of a child that never forgets the people and horses that taught her about...

"Sewing Horses and People Together... One Stitch at a Time"

As a child my grandparents on my mothers side had a wonderful summer cottage in Butler, PA where I would spend all my summer days. Then one-day new neighbors moved on to the old farm over the hill and they had horses and a little girl about my age of 11.

I thought that if I get to know the daughter, I might be able to see the horses. Well, I started running over that hill and introduced myself to the new family and their daughter was not there. I then asked if I could go see the horses and they said, "YES".

That was the "YES" that changed my life forever. Their names where Yvonne & Joe. Yvonne taught me the foundation on how to care for horses by showing me how to clean stalls & tack, fix fence, bale hay and more by just being around the horses. I eventually bought my first horse a Pinto named "Apache" in the summer 1976. Well of course Apache and I did everything together from trail riding, swimming at the water hole to my first horse show. He was the best pal a gal could have.

Shortly after Apache, I got a Leopard Appaloosa mare called, "Britches Beauty" and we took serious lessons and competed at the local shows and did really well. Our first Hunter/Jumper show we entered we won Grand Champion in both divisions.

Then a couple of summers later I got a training project from my blacksmith an Appaloosa called, "Jonathan E. Eagle" in within 2 weeks we where winning at the local fair.

After graduating from high school I got my first official professional job at the Chagrin Valley Hunt Club in Ohio, where I was a groom for the summer. After that position I learned a lot about the horse industry that I could never learn out of textbooks. From then on in, I have worked in numerous breed, show and training farms as a professional up until 1996 when I started Needlepoint Farm and decided to start a career change in my life and fill a niche in the horse industry that was needed.

This is a list of positions within the horse industry that I have work. This outline is to show that experience is the key to success in the Horse Industry and that knowing and understanding a little bit of each breed/discipline is an education that can not be replaced.


AHSA-Hunter/Jumper Circuit
Arabian Breeding Farm
Paso Fino's for trail riding club
Quarter Horse Breeding Farm
Riding Instructor at Lesson Barns
Thoroughbred Racing Industry & Breeding Farm
Trail Riding Clubs/Ranches
Showing Arabians, Appaloosa's, POA's, Quarter Horses, Saddlebreds and Thoroughbreds
A Video Documentary on the Standardbred Racing Industry.
Published photography in national magazines.


I currently own and train trail riding horses.